Are you aware of the fact that the disclosure and barring service known as the DBS service receives approximately around 4 million disclosure applications all around the year? Out of these 4 million applications 55% of these applications are submitted on paper forms among which 10% comprise of a number of errors. Approximately 200000 applications are rejected every year due to a number of mistakes in names, addresses, qualifications and your present status. So how do you find out when your DBS check is invalid and how can you prevent these mistakes from occurring once more?

What are the most common errors when applying for the DBS certificate?

There are various people who make a number of mistakes while filling in the DBS application forms. These forms are rejected every year and the DBS are considered invalid. In order to make things easier the DBS services has a number of issues that are updated on a regular basis. There are various reasons as to why a DBS form can be rejected. If a 5 year old address is not written in the correct format, then the form may get rejected. Again, if there were wrong spellings, gaps between dates and addresses or other mistakes, then the form would be invalid. Also, you need to fill in all the different blanks for a form to be accepted. You need to be particularly accurate with the dates.

Watch out for mandatory fields

Always enter your details in the right format. Also look out for the mandatory fields – they are labeled in yellow for applicants and blue for counter signatories and require to be filled in.


How can you prevent mistakes on a DBS application form?

Now that you can start filling in your DBS form, you need to consider a few things. Go over the application for more than one time. Also have a paper beside you where you can scribble. Carry a black pen along with you always. When you start filling up the form take you time to read all the instructions well. You can avoid a variety of mistakes in this way. Ensure that you write clearly. Also you should double check on all the information after writing the form. The name, addresses and date of birth need to be accurate in all forms.

All these errors can be easily avoided if you go through the above points well.

The best ways in which you can avoid mistakes is by reading everything carefully and following all the instructions.

DBS checks are a mandatory part of certain jobs and the certificate can be obtained after a long time and sometimes 3 weeks or so depending on the triviality of the check. So always ensure that the form is filled up well so that it is not considered as invalid. Do not rush while filling up the form as there could be delays and your DBS check can be rejected costing you more time and money as well. Clear Check would guide you as to how to fill up a DBS form accurately.

Finding out when your DBS check is invalid