Most people think that getting an RC car is just going out and picking one. But, in fact, there is so much more than that that needs to be done, and the first one is knowing what are the pros and cons of the various different types of RC vehicles, in order to know which one to get. We have decided to tell you a little something about them so that you could make a decision a lot easier.

Electric-Powered and Gas-Powered RC Cars

This is the main distinction when it comes to RC cars. Some people prefer the electric-powered ones, while others prefer the gas-powered ones.

It should immediately be said that not all of the gas-powered RC cars are powered by gas or oil; most of them are in fact powered by nitro methane. This shouldn’t scare you, because you can get this fuel in every good RC store out there. These vehicles are a lot more powerful and faster than the electric-powered ones, but the downside with them is the fact that they are a lot heavier as well. This means that this type of an RC car is easier to break during a crash. Also, the fuel here needs to be poured in the vehicle quite frequently, which can also be rather messy due to all the spills, leaks, etc. These types of RC vehicles need to be tuned up before they’re started, and that is why they’re not really for regular folks who only want to take a drive every now and then.

The electric-powered RC cars are a lot easier to maintain and are perfect for beginners. But, this does not mean that these RC cars cannot measure up to the gas-powered ones. It is true that they aren’t as powerful as those one, but they are better when it comes to getting the power to the wheels, which makes them really fast. There is no tune-up or maintenance required; you can take it to the track the very second you buy it. Also, you don’t need to pour any fuel; just charge the battery, and you’re good to go. A very important aspect of the electric-powered remote RC cars is the fact that they are really quiet – this is something that some people see as a pro, while others as a con.

Cars, Trucks or Buggies?

When it comes to classes of RC cars, they can be divided into cars, trucks and buggies. You ought to know a little something about each of them in order to know which one to get.

An RC car is perfect if its speed you’re looking for. They can be further divided into drift cars (electric-powered cars perfect for smooth roads), on-road RC cars and rally cars (great for simple off-road rides).

An RC truck is perfect for off-road rides, and are further divided into monster trucks (we all know what those are), short course trucks (for short off-road adventures) and stadium trucks (a cross between a buggy and a monster truck).

And then there are buggies, which are amazing for both on-road and off-road rides. They’re fast and durable, and are usually 2WD.

Choosing the right RC car