#1. Rainbow foam dough


From cornstarch and a shaving cream. You start by coloring the shaving cream with all the colors of the rainbow. From there, take your cornstarch and divide it into seven portions.

Add each color to the corn starch and make some hard mixture that would be stable when handled. Ensure the colors are sufficient enough not to be faded by the cornstarch.

This way, you would be able to make the ribbons perfectly. You and your kids can have fun by drawing on the face the ribbons and take photos which could be used for remembrance of the play.

#2. Elephant toothpaste


First ensure the kid or kids have glasses that they need to be worn during the whole exercise.

You need to start putting yeast and Hydrogen peroxide inside the can.

Shake well and then add some water colorations to ensure that the compound is colorful. From there, close the bottle and shake again perfectly.

This time, you would be foaming pressure and foamed substance inside the bottle.

You can then tell the kids to wear their glasses and open. It comes out as rollers of foam that have nice colored pigments to view.

#3. Forming foam balloons from soapy water


You can put water in a basin where you then add soaps of different colors. Stir the soap and water to ensure that there is not more soap segmenting at the bottom.

Using a rounded thin string, dip it in the water and then take it out. You have to gently blow using your mouth at the thin film that has been foamed at the center.

Colorful balloons shall start to be formed and people would have a nice and wonderful experience. Make sure you involve kids in all the steps to ensure that the activity becomes fun.

3 amazing and fun activities you can do with your kids